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Okay but where's your Liszt
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"When a man is in despair, it means that he still believes in something"

-Dmitri Shostakovich

{ ♀ • INTP • Phlegmatic-Melencholic • Mega Introvert • Christian • Flautist • Virgo • Year of the Tiger }

Nice to meet you!
My name is Arianna, and I am a half-Japanese Christian and an aspiring flautist who likes to dab into visual arts as a hobby. I adore nature in every aspect and am a huge animal and plant person! Classical music and literature are my thing, and I am also a huge fan of Tolkien's works. I listen to the works of Chopin, Lizst, and Shostakovich a lot! Outside of classical music, I love the band Her Name is Calla and many other similar artists! I hope we can get along! : )
my tumblr is !

Additionally, I like to draw myself with sharp shark teeth xD--

Jesus Freak Stamp V2 by GreenEyezz I listen to Classical Music by Snuf-Stamps Stamp: Flute by samen-op-de-motor Stamp: Lupin III by virusq Middle Earth stamp by purgatori Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sherlocked by darkestmelody Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 Mugiwara Kaizoku Stamp by coffeefanatic3462

My co-conspirators >:^D (in alphabetical order by username xD) :
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sashianne Featured By Owner 15 hours ago

Ember McLain 
cause of death: suffocation and major third degree burns
date of death: 3 / 10 / 89
location: ghost zone

After the suffocating accident in her own home, Ember has had enough of the guiltiness and depressing state she had to live for. Wondering how her parents lived and she didn't, just wanting to find out made her ill. Since her death, her house was rebuilt but it also had her stage behind it... even without her even knowing. What does she do ?


cause of death: broken ribs and spine, crushed organs
date of death: 6 / 4 / 85
location: ghost zone

Hunting... hunting can be dangerous, but Skulker wasn't careful enough, was he ? Thinking he could take on a large animal with his small size. Apparently that didn't go so well... it only turned the tables. Left behind a grieving mother along with the rest of his family. But no one blamed him for the incident, the only thing that caused his death was being too confident. Oh where was her little boy now ?


Beau aka Box Ghost
cause of death: crushed
date of death: 2 / 15 / 78
location: ghost zone

The Post Office wasn't as easy of a job people think it is. There are loads of boxes to stack into trucks, apparently, Box wasn't so lucky on this day. Crushed by huge and heavy boxes stacked on one another only made it more difficult to pry him out. Unfortunately, it was too late. He was stuck under there to leave his co-workers watch him slowly get crushed to death, leaving a family devastated.


cause of death: blunt for trauma
date of death: 10 / 7 / 79
location: ghost zone prison

Being a leader is hard, and so is trying to stop a prison riot from attacking you. What do you expect in a prison ? But this was different, letting your guard down is the last thing you want to do in ANY prison. Without his notice, being attacked by nearly 100 prisoners is bad enough, even when they start beating you to death. My God, blood was everywhere. Shattered bones, bruised and crushed organs, internal bleeding, swelling of the brain... he had every single injury in the book. In fact, it was so bad his family couldn't recognize their tough leader. 
sashianne Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
// here it is anyway cause fluff reasons lmaoo

CHRISTMAS TIME AT MY HOUSE !! Since it was Christmas, that means the truce of the ghosts can't destroy anything until Christmas Day and Christmas Eve is over. Snow flurries down from the foggy sky, only adding on more layers from the previous snowfall. Not really much of a party, but more of a coffee and breakfast thing. The tree lit up with wonderous Christmas colors. The fireplace on to add onto the mood.

" H- Hey, ya'll.. ! Thank you so much for coming ! "
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FrerinHagsolb Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Hey, thanks a lot for the fav!
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MaryOReilly Featured By Owner Edited Feb 22, 2017

Mary: *Looking amoung the ruins of the human villiage* I still feel bad going through all this, but I guess if we need the scraps for science, we have no other choice

Thatch: It gets easier trust me..*Smashes a window* NAMI! THEY HAVE SOME EXPENSIVE LOOKING VASES IN HERE! TOTALLY UNTOUCHED!

Mary: Well apart from you two, we don't seem to be finding much.

Sally: I found something that could help! ^^

Mary: Well FINALLY some progress *Smal laugh* What did you find, Sally

Sally: A woman! ^^

Mary: ?!?! Sally...For a second there I thought you said you found a woman

Sally: But I did find a woman. She's not one of the people who lived here though. I think she might need our help!

Mary: Why's that?

Sally: Weeeeell...for one thing she's human...annnnnnd she's at the bottom of a large pit

Mary: WHAT?! W-Well take us to her!

Sally: Follow me! *Takes Mary's hand and rushes ahead of everyone with her*
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sashianne Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
//im sorry i just,, miss being part of op and joining a crew
//so here you go :^))

/ Sitting on the edge of The Blackbeard Pirates' ship as it sailed deeper and deeper into the ocean. An angry expression on my face as I daze out into the distance, the red scissor blade punctured in the wooden floor to keep it upright. And, Senketsu, why he was hanging on the edge with just his sleeve like arms, also relaxed. Hand still gripping the handle tightly, not caring whoever is behind or is just alone on the deck. /
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